- - Fizik Introduces New "Versus Evo" and "Open" Range of Saddles

Fizik Introduces New “Versus Evo” and “Open” Range of Saddles

Fizik has introduced new features to its already vast range if saddles called Versus Evo and Open

The Versus Evo retains the Italian brand’s signature full-length channel as found on their previous range of Versus saddles. However, a more flexible platform combined with added “progressive cushioning” punctuate the models. 

According to Fizik, the new Versus Evo technology comprises an innovation mid-section that allows the saddles to flex, while still providing optimal rigidity to maintain their shape under all riding conditions. 

In addition, the new design was also able to lighten things up a bit for the all of the Arione, Aliante and Antares models over the previous models.  

In the case of the Open range, Fizik sought comfort over outright performance and weight, adding padding to keys areas, while still possessing their signature center cut-out design.

Both the Versus Evo and Open ranges will be available with either carbon rails (R1) or the company’s Kium alloy (R3).  

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