- - The FLIZ Pedal-less Concept Bike

The FLIZ Pedal-less Concept Bike

Despite all of the innovation and changes the bicycle has undergone over the decades, a few simple things have remained unchanged. For instance, two wheels and a chain or belt continue to be prerequisites for establishing forward momentum. 

However, as its name implies, the FLIZ pedal-less concept bike completely does away with the traditional of relying upon pedal-power in order to make things go forward. 

Instead, the FLIZ covers ground via foot-power, whereby rider propels the bike along the roadway by walking fast or running with it.

Once up to speed, a five-point harness suspends the rider, while allowing the person to rest his or her feet on the back wheel and use the handlebars to steer.

The FLIZ harks back to the days before bicycles were designed with all of the efficiency and convenience of pedals and a chain.

According to the German designers, Tom Hambrock and Juri Spetter, they drew their inspiration from the Laufmaschine, a 19th-century precursor to the modern bike.

The designers hope the unusual FLIZ will bolster cycling’s appeal along the urban landscape, by providing city-dwellers with an alternative form of transportation.  

Already gaining speed, the FLIZ bike previously won a Merit Award at the International Cycle Show in Taipei.

Yabba Dabba Doo, says Fred Flintstone! 


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