- - Gocycle G2 eBike Wins 2015 Red Dot

Gocycle G2 eBike Wins 2015 Red Dot


The Gocycle recently received a 2015 Red Dot Prize for Product Design for its G2 electric bicycle. Developed by former McLaren Cars engineer Richard Thorpe, the Gocycle G2 is strongly influenced by automotive engineering principles.

“I’m delighted and honored that the Gocycle G2 has been recognized the 2015 Red Dot Product Design award,” Thorpe commented. “As a designer, the end result of your work is defined by the product’s DNA – the building blocks. A no-compromise mind-set in the choice of materials, production processes, and total component integration so that all parts work and fit together is what sets the Gocycle G2 apart; it has more in common with a car than a bicycle. “Materials choices and construction processes expand the possibility for a designer to come up with different creative solutions. Gocycle’s fluid form is a result of my choice to work with different materials such as lightweight and exotic magnesium alloy. Using an injection metal moulding process for the construction of the frame and wheels yields smooth and naturally flowing lines in the form. The weight is balanced, the power is balanced, central and dynamic from a visual perspective – and you feel this too when you ride an electric Gocycle.”

At a little over 35 pounds (16kg), the Gocycle G2 is the lightest in its class. And, it’s stowable and packs away perfectly where space is tight making it ideal for storage on marine crafts or in cars for active weekend getaways.

Designed with a low center of gravity, the bike is agile and responsive to ride, and easy to lift and maneuver. The streamlined chassis and interchangeable PitstopWheels make cleaning Gocycle fast and easy. An electric bespoke micro-motor powers the front wheel and pedals power the back. Gocycle’s predictive electronic gearshift ensures that you are never in the wrong gear. The VgonomicTM designed seat-post and frame geometry offers an automotive inspired adjustable driving position that can fit every rider. 

The frame is made from injection-molded magnesium-alloy, the same stuff they use for mobile phone cases and laptop cases, which is the key to its superlight mass. Also, its invisible self-tensioning chain is sealed against the elements, which is completely maintenance-free, having been lubricated for life. 

The battery is fully rechargeable, and tastefully concealed within the frame, and it can be “topped-of” at any time.   

In addition, the brakes are hydraulic, the gearbox is electronic and can be set to manual or fully automatic just like a paddle-shift car, and thanks to the torque sensor, motor assistance will kick in most efficiently when required.

Another interesting feature, is that once you own a Gocycle it ‘knows’ its ‘yours’, and so tells its onboard computer to block anyone else who attempts to use it. 

Other features are, an LED handlebar display, as well as a dedicated app that allows owners personalize the G2’s “performance modes”. 

The G2 comes with a hefty price tag starting around $5000.00, but that’s still a lot cheaper than say, a McLaren sports car.

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