- - "Grasp" Quick Release Bike Lock with Fingerprint Recognition

“Grasp” Quick Release Bike Lock with Fingerprint Recognition

The Grasp – Quick Release Bike Lock with Fingerprint Recognition

Every cyclist knows the tedious task of locking up and unlocking of his or her bike. So, the designers behind the Grasp wanted to simplify the process.

The Grasp has been designed using fingerprint recognition, wherein a simple scan of the bike owner’s finger unlocks the ergonomic hinged arm – in mere second. That means no more keys or combinations to fumble with – lose or forget.  

The Grasp makes use of the world’s smallest optical fingerprint sensor with an industry tested and proven algorithm. However, the need for a  fingerprint alone, doesn’t limit the Grasp’s usability.

The Grasp has it’s own app, which when used in connection with a smartphone, can add up to 20 additional fingerprints to the lock, so friends and family can have access to using your bike. And, if for some unknown reason the fingerprint scan fails to work, the Grasp’s app can easily unlock it using a special code via Bluetooth through any smartphone.


The Grasp Lock uses three AAA batteries that will last over a year and are easily replaced. And, in cases when the batteries are removed from the lock, or run out of a charge, the Grasp will remain locked and your bike secure.

Additionally, the Grasp is finished with soft touch plastic, so it won’t scratch your bike. And, its been designed using an ergonomic curve, which will easily glide over any bike and bike rack. Moreover, the lock is water resistant, and according to the designers, it can withstand even the heaviest of downpours.  

To learn more about the Grasp, check out their Kickstarter campaign at:

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