- - Halo Sport Partners with USA Cycling to Research the Benefits of Neuro-Technology

Halo Sport Partners with USA Cycling to Research the Benefits of Neuro-Technology

Halo Sport has partnered with USA Cycling to research the benefits Neuro-Technology may have on cycling. 

The partnership involves testing cyclists to see how integrating Halo Sport’s technology into their training can increase power output, technique and extend endurance.

As part of the partnership, Halo Sport and USA Cycling will also apply the powers of Neuro-Stimulation to cyclists across the country, giving members access to same training optimization as organizations like the San Francisco Giants, US Ski Team, UNC Basketball, US Naval Special Warfare, and more. 

“The sport of cycling is ingrained in Halo Neuroscience’s DNA. Between our two founders, Dr. Daniel Chao and Dr. Brett Wingeier, and several other employees, our team has ridden thousands of miles in the past year alone”, says Halo Sport.

“Dr. Chao and Dr. Wingeier have long been fascinated by cycling as the ultimate test of endurance. In the field of Neuro-Stimulation, peer-reviewed, placebo-controlled research shows that transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) — the kind of Neuro-Stimulation used in Halo Sport — improves cycling endurance by staving off central fatigue. USA Cycling and Halo Neuroscience will work hand in hand to solve how to best use tDCS to improve cycling performance.” 

“We are looking forward to introducing Halo Sport as a training tool for our National Team. At the highest levels of our sport, the difference between standing at the top of the podium and finishing off of it can be tenths or hundredths of a second. The partnership will allow us to see how this technology can help our athletes train for their chance to be a World Champion or Olympic medalist”, says USA Cycling’s Scott Schnitzspahn.

According to USA Cycling, current National Team cyclists Tayler Wiles, Andrew Talansky and Coach Greg Henderson have already experienced clear improvements in technique and endurance using Halo Sport’s technology. In addition, top-ranked Ironman triathletes Timothy O’Donnell and Sarah Piampiano have also reported accelerated improvements in power output and efficiency.

“Now, all USA Cycling athletes have the opportunity to accelerate training improvements by harnessing the power of the brain”, says USA Cycling.

Halo Sport is the first Neuro-Stimulation of its kind designed for athletes. Similar to how a pre-workout meal fuels muscles, Halo Sport primes the brain to power athletes’ most effective workouts.

Halo Sport’s Neuroscience helps athletes get more from their training through a unique technology called “Neuropriming.”

Neuropriming involves using pulses of energy to signal the motor cortex, improving the brain’s response to training.

At the beginning of a workout, athletes put on Halo Sport just like a pair of headphones and start a Neuropriming session using our app, whereby soft foam Primers deliver gentle pulses of energy to produce a state of hyperplasticity, increasing the ability of neurons in the motor cortex to work together — creating functional connections.

Hyperplasticity benefits athletes in two ways: increased strength and skill acquisition.

Halo Sport significantly increases neural drive, or the strength and coordination of signals sent from the brain to the muscles. When the brain sends more robust signals, motor unit recruitment — or the number of muscle fibers activated — increases. As motor unit recruitment increases, gains in strength and explosiveness — or the rate at which athletes can activate force — increase as well.

Recruiting muscle fiber is only part of the equation. Neuropriming also improves the brain’s natural processes for learning and retaining information, helping athletes acquire motor skills at an accelerated rate. From perfecting a golf swing to completing heavy deadlifts, Halo Sport facilitates improvements in form and technique.

Halo Sport’s headphones are easy to integrate into your training routine, as they’re acoustically transparent, allowing athletes to hear sounds from their environment while playing your favorite workout playlist.

Halo Sport also has a companion app helps athletes unlock their potential by allowing them to target certain areas of the body, depending on their workout.

So far, Halo Sports Research Lab has tested its technology on more than 1,200 participants in double-blind, sham-controlled studie, wherein the research has shown significant results in improving motor learning, strength, and explosiveness.

You can learn more about Halo Sport’s technology by visiting their website here.


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