- - Hammerhead Introduces New Karoo Cycling Computer

Hammerhead Introduces New Karoo Cycling Computer


Hammerhead has announced the introduction of its new Karoo cycling computer, which they claim enables cyclists to build and explore new routes, train more effectively and share the ride with others – unlike any existing device.

According to Hammerhead, the Karoo is rich in instinctive technology and built to be ride-ready. To wit:

“At the heart of the Karoo experience is a cycling specific operating system. Based on Android, Karoo’s OS powers quick and easy set-up of profiles, data screens and sensors. I t also allows for seamless import, sync and sharing of route and training files. Karoo’s maps are built on OpenStreetMaps and made cycling-specific using geo-data from Hammerhead and its partners. Routes can be created or modified directly on Karoo’s touchscreen and its routing-engine includes filters for road, dirt, elevation and other ride preferences. Turn-by-turn navigation reroutes automatically even when offline. Powerful, reliable, and efficient, Karoo is also constantly upping its game with over-the-air updates that unlock new features.”


The Karoo features a durable, streamlined, and water-tight enclosure, along with off-set buttons, that give it what Hammerhead calls “a snappy tactile feel for easy operation–even when riding in the rain or with gloves.”

In addition, the Karoo features a high-resolution, non-reflective, auto-adjusting, color touchscreen, making it easy to read in both high and low-light conditions. The Karoo also packs a full-size keyboard, a powerful and efficient quad-core processor, along with 3G cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth and ANT+ for universal connectivity and sensor compatibility. Moreover, in order to achieve accurate position tracking, the Karoo employs a combination of GPS, GLONASS, cellular triangulation and other location technologies. Add in an all-day battery, a suite of internal sensors and other ride-ready touches, and cyclists get a single device that supports everything needed before, during, and after the ride.


Hammerhead says it named the Karoo after the desert in South Africa, where two of company’s three co-founders grew up.

As passionate cyclists and technologists, the founders identified an opportunity to reimagine the cycling computer. By assembling a team of accomplished software and hardware designers as well bike industry experts, the company embarked on a mission to create a new category of standalone cycling companion that leverages the latest software and hardware. After 3 years of development, Karoo is now ready to deliver with unmatched ease-of-use, expandability and a promise to support the ride”, said Hammerhead. 

“Karoo has been a passion project of ours for three years. We couldn’t be more excited to put the next bike adventure and personal record more within reach. We have built technology that is actually optimized for the bike. When I ride with Karoo, I discover epic routes and push myself harder– bringing these Karoo experiences to the world makes the work worthwhile”, adds Hammerhead’s CEO Piet Morgan. 


Hammerhead says, the Karoo will be available starting in August 2017.

Until then, the company will be providing the latest product updates on its website at  



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