- - Time Revamps Its Range of Road Pedals with New XPRO and XPRESSO Models

Time Revamps Its Range of Road Pedals with New XPRO and XPRESSO Models

Time has revamped its range of road pedals, unveiling five new models across its XPRO and XPRESSO series.

The XPRO series represents Time’s premium series of road pedals, with the range-topping XPRO 12 SL claiming to be “the lightest pedal system currently on the market”, with the pair weighing in at a mere 174.6g.

However, the biggest change to the XPRO range isn’t weight, but instead a series of new spindle options that allow for a better Q-factor, with three lengths of 51mm, 53mm and 57mm available. Also, pedal retention is now aided with a helpful “Min/ Mid/ Max” indicator on the dial to make things easier.

Regarding materials, the XPRO pedals utilize the same injected carbon-fiber composite bodies with a stainless steel plate as the previous generation, but it’s the internals that differ depending on the pedal.

For instance, the XPRO 12 SL comes with a hollow titanium spindle and ceramic bearings, while the XPRO 12 gets a titanium axle, and the XPRO 10 spins on a hollow steel axle. However, the stack height on all of the pedals is the same 14.7mm, up from 13.5mm on the previous models.

Additionally, the cleat system on the XPRO range remains the same, relying on Time’s ICLIC cleats, offering 10° (+/-5°) of angular float and 2.5mm (+/-1.25mm) of lateral float, while riders can opt for the ICLIC Fixed cleat with zero angular and lateral float.

Also, the carbon spring blades for the XPRO pedals are replaceable and can even be doubled to increase spring retention, while a bottom cover and a full Rebuild Kit are also available.

  • XPRO 12 SL (87g per pedal) – $440
  • XPRO 12 (94g) – $305
  • XPRO 10 (113g) – $160

Time offers the XPRESSO 6 and XPRESSO 4 as affordable alternatives to the XPRO range, which forgo the spindle length options, as well as the dial for adjusting the cleat tension. Also, both have a slightly taller stack than the XPRO, measuring 15.1mm, while the pedals come with a slight weight penalty as well, comprising an injected glass-fiber composite body with a stainless steel plate instead of carbon. Also, to further reduce cost, the steel plate is eliminated on the XPRESSO 4.

Lastly, the XPRESSO pedals also have a smaller contact area of 700mm2 compared to the 725mm2 for the XPRO, but the cleat stance width can be adjusted by swapping the cleats onto the opposite shoe.

  • XPRESSO 6 (115g) – $95
  • XPRESSO 4 (115g) – $65






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