- - The Kalk Electric Bike Takes the Cake

The Kalk Electric Bike Takes the Cake

The Swedish company CAKE has a new electric bike called the Kalk, which takes the cake in terms of style and design when compared to other eBikes.

Drawing its inspiration from the motocross segment, the Kalk blends bold innovation, alongside a minimalist design, to create something that completely defies convention.

Having said that, the Kalk is perhaps more electric motorcycle than it is electric bicycle, but it does share the virtues of off-road riding in similar ways as a MTB.

Equally important, it gets people off of their duff and into the great outdoors, who would otherwise be riding or driving something that was reliant on fossil fuel. 

Along with custom CNC parts and a ground-up approach to chassis design, the Kalk features a 15 kW electric motor and a 51.8 Volt, 50Ah battery, which is capable of propelling the bike upwards of 50 mph with a range of 50 miles. 

Other components that punctuate the Kalk are oversized 25mm axles, independent front and rear suspension courtesy of Öhlins shocks, TTX dampening technology and copious use of hydraulic disc brakes.

According to CAKE, production for the Kalk is limited to just fifty units, with a starting price of around $14,000.

Yes, that’s a lot of money, but then again proud owners get to have their cake and eat it too with the Kalk.   



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