- - L-Twoo Shows-Off New Electronic eRx Groupset

L-Twoo Shows-Off New Electronic eRx Groupset

Known for hawking its affordable groupsets on AliExpress, the Chinese brand L-Twoo is showing-off its latest electronic groupset, offering enthusiasts semi-wireless shifting at a fraction of the cost the big-name players command. 

Dubbed the eRX, the new drivetrain bears a striking resemblance to Shimano’s 105 Di2 groupset, both in terms of appearance and function, boasting a semi-wireless system, wherein the shifters receive power via coin batteries, while a seat-tube mounted battery connects to the front and rear derailleurs by wire.

Similar to other semi-wireless groupsets, the rear derailleur acts as the brains of the system, communicating with the shifters and the front derailleur via Bluetooth, which L-Twoo claims takes only takes 22 milliseconds for the components to communicate with one another.  

Additionally, the front derailleur also has an auto-trim function, which allows it to micro-adjust the derailleur cage courtesy of Bluetooth connectivity, along with a dedicated app that allows for further fine-tuning of the shifting, as well as update the eRX’s firmware.

The eRx is fitted with premium carbon fiber shift levers, which feature two buttons that activate up and down shifting very much like Shimano’s platform, while an even more affordable version called the eR9 with alloy levers is due out at some point.

Up front, the groupset is fitted with a standard compact 50-34 crankset that spins in unison with a 12-speed, 11-32 cassette. 

All in, L-Twoo says the eRX tips the scales at an impressive 1,300 grams, about 20 grams less than Shimano 105 Di2, which sells for around $650.

However, it looks as though one will have to source a 12-speed cassette and chain from a third-party. Moreover, it’s unclear if the crankset is included in the price, or whether or not the hydraulic disc brakes have to be purchased separately. 

Perhaps, more can be gleaned by visiting L-Twoo website here.

Whatever the case may be, provided the eRX performs to expectations, a semi-wireless groupest that sells for well under $1000 should be very tempting for many. 

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