- - La Passione Uses Seamless Knit Technology for Its New SML Collection

La Passione Uses Seamless Knit Technology for Its New SML Collection

La Passione has launched its latest SML collection, which uses seamless knit technology to eliminate, well seams.

The technology relies upon a series of large circular knitting machines, along with specific yarns and natural fibers, to create seamless garments that result in a more comfortable fit.

“The use of these machines, enables us to have totally seamless products and therefore increase the feeling of comfort when in direct contact with the skin,” says La Passione.

“Thanks to the use of specific yarns and natural fibers, with this technology it is possible to create products that are almost perfect for every weather condition, keeping the body dry and providing a perfect microclimate when combined with sweaters and jackets.”

The SML collection comprises two base layers, along with arm, knee, leg and neck warmers, as well as a bra.

In the case of the base layers, La Passione offers both a sleeveless and a regular mesh version, promising a second skin effect thanks to the highly elastic structure that’s said to adapt to any body shape.

“The two base layers differ mainly in the structure of the mesh fabric which they are made from, guaranteeing the same lightweight and ultra-breathable features that allow the body to stay dry and thermoregulated during summer outings,” La Passione explains.

Regarding the lightweight bra, La Passione says its highly-breathable design both reduces heat and eliminates any kind of chaffing.

“The Bra guarantees adequate support and the ultra-light fabric ensures effective management of body temperature, giving a push-pull effect of sweat during training,” says the Italian brand.

The base layers sell for $38 for the sleeveless version and $50 for the regular style, while the leg, arm, knee and neck warmers cost $32, $22, $26 and $20, respectively.

The bra sells for $36.



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