- - Le Col Collaborates with McLaren on New Aero Range of Apparel

Le Col Collaborates with McLaren on New Aero Range of Apparel

The collaboration between premium cycling brands and marque automobile companies isn’t anything new when it comes to designing bikes. However, few partnerships have been undertaken when it comes to co-developing apparel.

A recent exception is Le Col and McLaren, who have teamed-up to create a new range of aero apparel aptly called the Le Col x McLaren Project Aero Collection.

Perhaps, the most notable piece in the collection is the Speedsuit, which is constructed with advanced Elite Italian Tripping fabrics of varying densities that feature a dimpled surface in order to reduce drag by enhancing airflow around key contours of the body. There’s also a full-sleeve version called the Skinsuit.

“Constructed and technically mapped to match the contours of the rider in aggressive positions, this speedsuit blends Elite Italian Tripping fabrics, textured with dimples and dual densities over the arm to break up airflow at the leading edge and manage its flow around the body,” boasts Le Col.

According to Le Col, both the Speedsuit and Skinsuit underwent extensive wind tunnel testing, resulting in a claimed 6 watts of savings at 35km/h compared to similar garments.  

“Implementing McLaren’s aero research on boundary layers, the Le Col x McLaren Project Aero Collection’s detailed approach to mapping every millimeter has driven advances in aerodynamic performance and broken new ground in cycling,” says Le Col.

For those not wishing for either the Speedsuit or Skinsuit, the same aerodynamic signature has been applied to a short and long sleeve jersey as well, shedding a claimed 10 watts at 35km/h versus other aero jerseys. 

Lastly, Le Col and McLaren felt the lower extremities needed to be treated to some wind cheating capabilities as well, which comes courtesy of a new aero sock that’s complete with silicone grippers to ensure they remain in place.

The Le Col x McLaren Project Aero Speedsuit and Skinsuit sell for a hefty £350 and  £375 respectively, while short and long sleeve jerseys sell for £170 and £195, with the socks fetching £30. 



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