- - Lightweight Offers €599,00 STADTWANDLER Jacket with Matching Hanger and Mirror

Lightweight Offers €599,00 STADTWANDLER Jacket with Matching Hanger and Mirror

Taking out a second mortgage, or to renege on your kid’s college loan are two perfectly good reasons for justifying the purchase of a set of Lightweight’s glorious carbon wheels or Urgestalt frame. But, we draw the line when it comes to the brand’s €599,00 STADTWANDLER jacket.

After all, aside from some skinny jeans wearing, macchiato sipping Starbucks patron, what self-respecting cyclist would wear such a garment, let alone at this price?

Don’t answer.

If the jacket isn’t enough to make you roll your eyes, Lightweight offers a matching €79,00 hanger for it as well.

Unfortunately, the hanger doesn’t come equipped with a bottle opener so the pedaling pretendi won’t be able to uncap their favorite craft brew made with unicorn serum.

And, if one’s vanity hasn’t reached critical levels yet, Lightweight offers its €250,00 Spiegel wall mirror that’s crafted from none other than one of their MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER rims.

However, a German made S&M suit complete with a carbon fiber whip and apple might be worth something!

In fact, we can’t think of a better way for cyclists to limber-up (or down as it may be), from say, a challenging gravel grinder event.

Peitsche es gut!

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