- - Lintaman Cycling Shoes Available in the USA

Lintaman Cycling Shoes Available in the USA


The Taiwan-based brand Lintaman is set to start exporting its range of cycling shoes here in the USA.

Exhibited annually at the Taipei Cycle Show, the Lintaman range of cycling shoes feature a radical design which allows the cyclist to adjust both the shoe’s length and width, alongside an adjustable side wing and heel cup system that can slide in or out.

In addition, a unique BOA system provides the option of configuring the laces in different patterns to further ensure a perfect fit.

The Lintaman line-up consists of both road and MTB models, to include the brand’s own specially designed shoe cover.


“We’re really not a ‘shoe company,’ per se,” Lintaman said. “We’re only interested in bringing products to market where we can apply our relentless design philosophy to make significant improvements. Shoes were a convenient first product, but we have several other products that we’re working on.”

Lintaman shoes are now available in stores across Asia and in select stores in Europe, and are now available consumer direct via their website in North America, the U.K. and Australia.

The company is working to develop distributor and retailer partnerships here in the USA as well. 



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