- - LORE Cycle Debuts New LoreTwo Cycling Shoe

LORE Cycle Debuts New LoreTwo Cycling Shoe

LORE Cycle is debuting its latest cycling shoe dubbed the LoreTwo, featuring a similarly sophisticated design and 3D-scanning process as the LoreOne, but at a somewhat less-costly price of $1.349.00.

“The LoreTwo is a shoe that bridges the gap between the extremity of the LoreOne and the sport’s more traditional cues. We designed the LoreTwo to be much more forgiving in its fit and post-purchase setup while still retaining the core custom and performance design structure that amplifies pedaling performance over traditional shoes”, commented Stephen Drake, Lore’s CEO.

However, unlike the LoreOne, which allows customers to scan their feet remotely, the LoreTwo requires an in-person 3D scan with a bike fitter or retailer before the shoes undergo their robotic “Morphic” manufacturing process in California, tailoring each pair anatomically to the customer’s feet. 

“The shoe is designed to transmit power at cardinal points while relieving the foot in places where dynamic movement is warranted. The shape of the carbon shell accurately cups the lower fat pads while relieving middle and upper-pressure fat pad pressure; a perfectly sculpted custom toe box lets your toes and metatarsals spread under load”, says the LORE.

“Traditional shoes use soft uppers that bleed energy on the top side of the foot, creating “dead spots” at six and 12 o’clock. In contrast, our new LoreTwo harnesses sport-changing power with its custom dorsal power panel design, resulting in increased ground reaction force and facilitates power transmission with less energy loss,” adds LORE.

Starting at $1,349.00, the LoreTwo is available in nylon or carbon material, as well as low or mid-cut profiles. 




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