- - Louis Garneau Launches Gennix A1 "Aero" Road Bike

Louis Garneau Launches Gennix A1 “Aero” Road Bike

While coordinating a review of the Garneau’s flagship Course Air Lite cycling shoes, the company’s New England representative, Gilles Lalonde, clued us into the fact, that the brand had been quietly working on a new “aero” road bike called – the Gennix A1. 

While the new bike was on display at last month’s Interbike show, it was apparently kept off to the side, which would explain why it didn’t catch our attention. 

In any case, the A1 clearly borrows heavily from Garneau’s Gennix TR1 triathlon, albeit made for the road. 

The A1 encompasses Garneau’s carbon composition process, called RTCC 2, which yields a unique series of tube shapes and profiles, which both the main frame and fork follow. In addition, an over-sized 386 EVO bottom bracket, hourglass shaped headtube, a full carbon, tapered fork steerer, a wedge style aero-seatpost and a tradition seat stay mounted rear brake also punctuate the A1.

Another highlight of the A1, is customers can customize their bike via Garneau’s Dream Factory Custom Paint program.

Since the A1 is still just coming to light, in fact it’s not even shown on Garneau’s website yet, pricing and availability are still forthcoming. 

But, it sure looks exciting.

Special thanks to AeroGeeks for sharing their images of the A1, we’re glad someone was paying attention.  😉


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