- - Mercedes-Benz and N+ Bikes Team-Up on New Range of Silver Arrows EBikes

Mercedes-Benz and N+ Bikes Team-Up on New Range of Silver Arrows EBikes

Mercedes-Benz and N+ Bikes have teamed-up to launch updated models of the German automaker’s Silver Arrows range of eBikes, boasting triple the power over previous versions.  

All models are driven by a Gates CDX Carbon Belt Drive system that’s mated to a rear-hub motor, with the entry-level Formula E Team eBike fitted with a 75nm  motor, allowing the bike to reach an electronically limited top speed of around 20 mph for $3,450.00, while each model also features a new LCD display that’s integrated into the stem.

The $4,500 Silver Arrows gets all of that, plus dual batteries with 612Wh of charge, doubling its range of travel to 62 miles, while only adding 4 pounds to the bike.  

The $4,950 Silver Arrows Sport is essentially the same as the Silver Arrows, except for a 500W motor that delivers 90Nm of torque, increasing its top speed to 40km/hr, while the $5,800 Championship Edition features a single-speed design that’s equipped with dual motors that can deliver 750W of power and 130Nm of torque to reach a top speed of 45km/hr.

Additionally, a front suspension fork has also been introduced in order to handle the higher top speed, along with larger wheels and semi-slick tires.

You learn more about the new range of eBikes by visiting N+ Bikes’ website here.

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