- - MET Shows-Off Limited Addition Trenta 3K Pogačar Helmet

MET Shows-Off Limited Addition Trenta 3K Pogačar Helmet

Race fans will remember seeing tufts of hair protruding from Tadej Pogačar’s helmet during last season, a cause an effect generated by the unique channeling found in MET’s Trenta 3K helmet.

Well, the same fans can not only have a Trenta 3K helmet of their own, but they can now don a limited edition version just like the one that was worn by the Slovenian champion, complete with special graphics along the vents that denote “Hair”.

“What if we told you that Tadej’s iconic tufts are created by the helmet’s performance design, sweeping air in and upwards, and drawing stems of dancing hair out through the vents?”, muses MET.

The act of sporting the same tonsorial effect as Pogačar comes at a price however, as the Trenta 3K Carbon Tadej Pogačar limited edition helmet fetches a hefty $380.00. 







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