- - Micro Doping Can Beat Biological Passport

Micro Doping Can Beat Biological Passport

The French media channel, Stada 2, recently aired this video evidencing how a group of athletes were able to beat the UCI’s Biological Passport protocols, through the process of micro-doping.

The experiment was carried out in partnership with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), wherein eight amateur athletes underwent VO2 max testing before commencing a systematic doping program involving the the use of EPO, Human Growth Hormone, blood transfusions and corticosteroids. 

Analysis of the blood profiles of the eight athletes who took part in the experiment demonstrated that they would not have fallen foul of the biological passport’s parameters. As Stada 2’s report concluded, the experiment demonstrates that “a clean passport is not necessarily the passport of a clean athlete.”

A number of pro riders like Europcar’s Pierre Rolland and Arnaud Démare of FDJ, responded to the report on Twitter by saying:

“A discouraging, baffling report, biological passport useless or unusable! Bravo!” Rolland wrote.

“Impressive report on #Stade2,” Démare wrote. “Let’s not forget that the fight against doping must be worldwide! The biological passport isn’t enough… #antidoping.”

While the video is in French, one can still glean from it, the effectiveness of the experiment.



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