- - MIPS Creates New Categories for Its Product Line

MIPS Creates New Categories for Its Product Line

In order to better define the use of its products, the helmet safety company MIPS has reclassified them into five new categories.

The new classes are:

  • Essential: Basic MIPS system, featuring the low-friction layer.
  • Evolve: Emphasizes comfort, ventilation, and more precise fit with the option of providing a neck retention system.
  • Integra: New system featuring the low-friction layer integrated into the helmet, allowing brands the freedom to design more ventilation and more comfortable fit.
  • Air: Minimalistic system featuring the most ventilation.
  • Elevate: New low-friction layer designed exclusively for hard hats.

MIPS’ products were previously classified under the broader-use categories Sports, Moto, and Industrial Safety. However, the Swedish company has decided to take a more specific approach to defining its products with the goal of better helping brands and consumers chose a helmet that best suits their needs.

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System and it’s a safety feature that’s incorporated into a helmet. MIPS is a low friction layer that allows 10-15mm of relative motion between the helmet and the head in all directions in order to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain in the event of certain impacts. MIPS is added to helmets from numerous different brands.

The move to better define its products also will include hangtags at the consumer level to explain the safety benefits of each class.

MIPS has historically been a B2B-focused company. But, the updated product range is a step toward a more consumer-centric brand identity, which currently works with 111 helmet brands that offer more than 583 models equipped with the safety system on the global helmet market.

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