- - Mythos Offers New 3D-Printed TX-1 Track Handlebar

Mythos Offers New 3D-Printed TX-1 Track Handlebar

If you’re looking for a handlebar to go with your current 3D-printed £500 Mythos ELIX stem, the bespoke British brand is now offering its 3D-printed TX-1 track handlebar for an equally staggering £1,500.

According to Mythos, the TX-1 is made using the same EBM (electronic beam melting) additive manufacturing process that meets AS/EN9100 aerospace certification, resulting in a radical shape that’s designed specifically for track cycling, offering up to six different hand positions.

“Our TX-1 is a 3D printed titanium track handlebar is designed specifically for mass start track races, which takes advantage of the new UCI regulations that allows the handlebar overhang to be 10cm in front of the front wheel axle. By allowing 6 hand positions, the TX-1 significantly increases the rider’s options to maximize aerodynamics, rider maneuverability and comfort,” says Mythos. 

Mythos TX-1 bars specs:

  • Width at the drops: 35/32/29cm
  • Width at the hoods: 29/26/23cm
  • Clamp diameter: 31.8mm
  • Material: Aerospace-grade titanium

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