- - MyWhoosh Introduces a Host of New Improvements with 3.5.1 Update

MyWhoosh Introduces a Host of New Improvements with 3.5.1 Update

MyWhoosh has introduced a host of improvements with its newly released 3.5.1 update.

Controllable Companion Bots

Whether for training, race strategy, or simply entertainment while riding the MyWhoosh app, the six controllable bots with distinct properties provide additional tools to make for a more effective workout and add a new dimension to virtual racing and training.

Specific attributes designed into each bot’s profile include:

  • Sprinter: The Sprinter bot is your go-to for high-intensity, short-distance bursts. Ideal for final sprints or quick breakaways.
  • Mountain: The Mountain Bot thrives on steep climbs, offering sustained power and endurance where it matters most.
  • Flat: The Flat Bot excels in maintaining top speeds on flat terrains, perfect for long stretches without significant elevation changes.
  • Attacker: The Attacker Bot specializes in making decisive, strategic moves that can change the course of the race in an instant.
  • Smasher: With the Smasher Bot, harness raw power to dominate the peloton and create significant gaps.
  • Climber: The Climber bot brings grace and efficiency to challenging ascents, helping you conquer hills with ease.

Additionally, users can select specific bots, adjust their watts output and even their refueling strategy, and then utilize them for pacing, sprinting, climbing, lead-outs and more.

Power Passport Test Protocol update

The updated Power Passport Test will now focus primarily on capturing an accurate FTP (Functional Threshold Power) from which race performance can be verified.  The key modification in this update involves the removal of the 30-second interval from the test protocol. The rationale behind this change is to provide users with more recovery time between the 3-minute and 12-minute maximal effort intervals. 

Android Device Compatibility

The updated list for compatible devices and recommended smart equipment is here, with increased compatibility for low-end Android devices.

Lapping System introduced

A visible tracker has now been added to enable easier tracking of progress in freeride mode, plus changes to the leaderboard and a new HUD update.

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