- - "NeverAlone" Cycling GPS Location App

“NeverAlone” Cycling GPS Location App


Aside from the fitness reward that goes along with a strenuous day in the saddle, there’s a mental component that comes with it as well.

Namely, the almost spiritual release that riding freely and alone across the varied landscape provides us. But, there’s riding “alone” and then there’s riding “all alone”, which at times can leave us vulnerable.

However, there’s a safety app called NeverAlone, that can pinpoint your every whereabouts so others know exactly where you are at all times.

NeverAlone is activated by the simple press of a button on any smartphone. And, from there, the app can be programed to alert others whenever it detects a set period of non-movement. In which case, NeverAlone sends an SMS warning notification to one or more recipients, giving them vital information as to your exact location. 


In addition to knowing your exact location, recipients can quickly summon emergency assistance in the event there’s no answer.

Karl Malden would say, “don’t leave home without it”

You can learn more about NeverAlone’s safety features by visiting their website here. 

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