- - New CURVEPLATE Adds Leaning Functionality to Stationary Bikes

New CURVEPLATE Adds Leaning Functionality to Stationary Bikes

An Austrian startup called CURVEPLATE aims to provide a more realistic feel to indoor cycling with the launch of its eponymous product, which features two curved plates that serve as rockers, allowing riders to tilt from side to side as they pedal.

Relying on two Velcro polyamide straps, the plates simply secure to the underside of one’s stationary bike. Once in place, the plates allow up to 9 degrees of tilt on either side, with the goal of simulating actual outdoor riding.

“Boring indoor cycling training will be in the future more enjoyable and due to the CURVEPLATES your stationary bike will move sideways – left and right. A natural cycling experience at any indoor bike you are using with the add-on CURVEPLATE. A patented surface geometry enables free movements of a stationary bike based on an interplay of curves, flat surfaces and angles,” boasts the company. 

Additionally, the plates also claim to reduce saddle discomfort by virtue of the fact that their side-to-side motion keeps the rider from remaining in a static, seated position, much like riding outdoors. 

CURVEPLATE has undertaken a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, offering early-backers a discounted price of $119.00, a $70.00 savings over the planned retail figure of $189.00.

Unfortunately, the plates aren’t designed to work with tradition floor trainers. 


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