- - A New Invention "SafeRail" May Keep Cyclists from Getting Stuck in Subway Rails

A New Invention “SafeRail” May Keep Cyclists from Getting Stuck in Subway Rails


Two students in the Netherlands have come up with a design that might be able to prevent cycling from getting stuck in subway rails.  

SafeRail is the invention of Roderick Buijs’ and Ward Kuiters, which involves placing plastic inserts in subway rails along key areas that will allow cyclists to safely cross without the worry of getting stuck their wheel(s) stuck.  

SafeRail is an asymmetrical insert made from recycled plastic with elastic properties that allow it to repeatedly compress and reform under pressure from passing trains, but it will not compress under the weight of a cyclist. 

SafeRails is one of 70 submissions to the Hague Innovators Challenge, part of Impact City, a hub that connects entrepreneurs with governments, international companies and research centers, aiming to make a positive impact on such things as transportation.

Buijs said: “When you’re cycling across tram rails you have to take care not to get stuck in the rails. Every Dutchman knows this problem. They have encountered it themselves or know someone who has. That’s why we wanted to find some sort of solution for this problem.”

SafeRail is currently in nine place with plenty of time still for the invention to receive enough votes to secure an award.

You can read more about Impact City here.  

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