- - New "Shift Smart Trainer" Bluetooth Device Links the Peloton Bike with Zwift's Training Platform

New “Shift Smart Trainer” Bluetooth Device Links the Peloton Bike with Zwift’s Training Platform

Shift Smart Trainer has launched a new bluetooth device that’s capable of linking the Peloton Bike with Zwift’s popular indoor training platform.

Up until now, riders of the Peloton Bike who tried using Zwift, found that the resistance on their bikes were unable to sync with the company’s virtual training programs. However, the new Shift Smart Trainer provides a wireless solution via a bluetooth cadence sensor that easily attaches to the resistance knob of the Peloton Bike, which automatically adjusts the resistance to simulate the gradient changes on the program. Moreover, gears can be selected using the integrated touchscreen to accommodate the change in gradients along the route as well.  

“Our Shift Smart Trainer is a patent-pending smart device that attaches to your Peloton Bike and Bike+, unlocking the world of Zwift through automatic resistance changes. It’s designed to easily fit on the resistance knob of your bike. It requires no modifications to your bike, no cables and no fuss. Once attached, connect to Zwift and you’re ready to ride in the virtual world of your choice. Using built-in Bluetooth connectivity, our device will automatically adjust your resistance to simulate the grade changes of the route you’re cycling. You’ll have full control of your ride with gear adjustments, through an integrated touchscreen – allowing you to attack those uphills and downhills. And when you’re done, simply remove the device and head back to your favorite Peloton spinning class. Easy on. Easy off.  Giving you the flexibility to switch between Peloton classes and the virtual worlds of Zwift,” explains Shift Smart Trainer.

Additionally, Shift Smart Trainer says, while it’s possible to load the Zwift application directly onto the Peloton screen, its device does no rely on the use of this in-built screen as it could be locked at any time.

The designers also say they have future plans to include ANT+ connectivity, allowing their product to work with more platforms such as RGT, Sufferfest, BKOOL, Trainerroad and Rouvy.

Shift Smart Trainer has undertaken a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, offering early-backers the special incentive price of £160 (roughly $215) to the first 200 customers.




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