- - North American Cycle Courier Championships 2016

North American Cycle Courier Championships 2016

Over 5,000 couriers call New York City home, more than anywhere else in the country. Our city is home to one of the largest messenger communities worldwide. In addition to the thriving messenger scene, over 200, 000 New Yorker bike the city streets everyday as means of recreation and transportation. In numbers alone, there has never been a national courier event of this magnitude.

Every year since 1998, the North American Cycle Courier Championship (NACCC) has brought together cyclists from across North America and the world in a test of speed, skill and mental agility to crown the fastest messenger of the continent. While the focus is on the championship competition, the spectacle of the race an side events draw a vast and varied crowd from across the country.


The New York Bicycle Messenger Foundation (NYBMF) was established in 2003 as a federal and state not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. As an all-volunteer organization, the NYBMF is staffed solely by current and former messengers. Our mission is simple, to support the New York City messenger community. That assistance may be realized in many ways, from providing financial support to injured messengers to nurturing programs that assist in the research or advancement of the messenger work force.


The NYBMF is the 2016 host of the North American Cycle Courier Championship (NACCC), an annual urban cycling competition designed to showcase the skills of cycle messengers and cycling enthusiasts. The purpose of the NACCC main event is to determine the most skilled cycle messengers of North America through a work simulation. Riders must pickup and deliver items as quickly and efficiently as possible on a designated course. Multiple manifests, course decision making, and package value considerations make for a mentally and physically demanding event.

In addition to the competitive element, the NACCC is a fundamental community event uniting couriers from around the world. Besides the main event, conferences and networking gatherings fill out the schedule to create an industry-advancing platform. Any proceeds after expenses are to be disbursed between the NYBMF’s regular programming and the succeeding host city’s association for their courier championship.


For the 2016 NACCC, we anticipate over 500 competitors, 500 spectators and 100 volunteers to attend the events held during the weekend. As such, sponsorship preferences have been developed in order to maximize brand visibility and company mission.

Sponsorship packages include opportunities for brand visibility by the website, social media, apparel, products, prizes and dedicated race checkpoints can be purchased through donations, donated goods or services to NYBMF. We are proud to partner with brands closely tied to and have evolved from the courier community.





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