- - Officina Battaglin Dazzles with New "Cromovelto For You" Collection

Officina Battaglin Dazzles with New “Cromovelto For You” Collection

Officina Battaglin has unveiled its latest “Cromovelato For You” collection, a new series that features the Palladio and Pavé steel frames with unprecedented personalization speed, setting a new standard in the bespoke paint segment. 

Italian Customization Meets Fast Delivery Times

For the first time, enthusiasts can own a personalized Italian bike without the long wait. Typical custom builds by Officina Battaglin take up to six months, but with “Cromovelato For You,” owners select their cromovelato color and see their bike shipped within four weeks. This collection uses pre-built frames in standard sizes, which are then finished in one of twelve exclusive cromovelato colors.

“Cromovelato For You transforms how cyclists experience customization,” said Alex Battaglin, co-founder. “It combines fast delivery with the uniqueness of our cromovelato finish, known for its deep and vibrant colors.”

Only 99 Custom Build Slots for 2024

Alongside this exciting launch, Officina Battaglin is also refining its custom build options. Only 99 custom bikes will be available in 2024, across two models: the Portofino R for road cyclists and the Portofino G for gravel adventurers (allocation between the models will depend strictly on customer demand). These models will be the only ones offering fully custom-made geometry and paint schemes.

“While ‘Cromovelato For You’ focuses on quicker delivery, our Portofino R and G models remain the pinnacle of bespoke cycling, designed for those who seek a truly tailored experience,” explains Giovanni Battaglin.

Enhanced Local Support Through Premium Partners

Both the custom models and the new “Cromovelato For You” framesets will be available directly from Officina Battaglin as well as through a newly established network of premium bike boutiques. This expansion aims to provide expert support locally.

“We’re partnering with dealers who match our passion and expertise, enhancing the purchase experience,” says Alex Battaglin.

About Officina Battaglin

Founded by the legendary Giovanni Battaglin after his victories in the 1981 Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España, Officina Battaglin merges traditional Italian craftsmanship with the latest innovations in bicycle technology. Giovanni has now passed down the torch to his son Alex, the mind behind some of the most avant-garde steel bicycle designs.

With exclusive Italian finishes and a unique fitting method, the Officina Battaglin products bear the founder’s signature, bringing their owners the racing expertise that made the history of cycling.



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