- - Online Petition Created to Support Investigation into Marco Pantani’s Death

Online Petition Created to Support Investigation into Marco Pantani’s Death


This Sunday marks the 12th anniversary of Marco Pantani’s passing. And, till this day, a pallor of suspicion and mystery still hangs over his death.

As a result, the Italian actor, Sebastiano Gavasso, has created an online petition, urging authorities to keep the investigation open into Pantani’s death.

Despite public prosecutor, Paolo Giovagnoli’s, request that the case be closed, Pantani’s family, along with more than 12,000 individuals, to include Gazetta dello Sport journalist, Francesco Ceniti, who continues to write about the Italian rider’s mysterious death, have enjoined in the petition.  

Gavasso and the petitioners are hoping to block the closure of the investigation, at a hearing that’s scheduled for February 24. 


“We’ve formed a team of people who have the desire to give back Marco Pantani his dignity, as a human being and as athlete,” he said.

“We’ve created a play dedicated to Marco that will be shown across Italy. Working on the project, we’ve got to the bottom of il Pirata’s story. That’s why we want clarity about his death once and for all. For him, for his fans, for cycling and for the love of the truth.

“Let’s give Marco what lots of lies and baseless opinions have tried to take from him. Let’s not archive the investigation into his death.”



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