- - Limar Defies the Wind and Conquers Time with New Alien TT Helmet

Limar Defies the Wind and Conquers Time with New Alien TT Helmet

Limar’s new Alien time trial helmet is designed to defy the wind and conquer time thanks to the Italian brand’s methodical approach to aerodynamic testing, cutting crucial seconds for cyclists in the race against the clock.

“Our new Alien represents a remarkable advancement in aerodynamics, not only because of its innovative design and use of advanced technologies but also because of the meticulous approach taken in its aerodynamic testing. In addition to examinations under ideal conditions, we extended the tests to realistic scenarios, simulating wind conditions commonly encountered in time trial road races, with wind angles varying between 5 and 10 degrees. These tests revealed that the Alien especially excels in these real-world conditions, exceeding expectations and delivering even better performance than the results obtained in CFD and wind tunnel tests. This confirms that the Alien is not only optimized for ideal laboratory conditions but is truly adapted to the dynamic challenges of road cycling, offering cyclists an unrivaled aerodynamic advantage,” boasts Limar.

Clearly, the most distinctive feature of the Alien is its upper shell, which is designed to generate an aerodynamic effect known as Outwash, also widely used in Formula One. This technique allows the air that hits the cyclist to be deflected, moving it laterally relative to the figure and away from the shoulders. Moreover, the central part of the upper shell was developed to create and maintain laminar flow along the rider’s back, thanks to the Coanda effect. This area works synergistically with the lower shell, which uses the same principle to reduce turbulence in the area between the helmet and shoulders, and by efficiently directing air above them, it feeds the flow generated by the upper shell. The combination of these two phenomena directing airflow ensures reduced drag and optimal airflow around the cyclist’s body, improving aerodynamic performance.

All things considered, Limar says the new Alien provides a significant aerodynamic advantage over its predecessor, the Air King Evo, giving the cyclist an advantage of about 10 watts under most riding conditions.

The Alien is currently being worn by the Astana – QAZQSTAN team, which will become available to purchase in August 2024, with pricing to be announced.  






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