- - Orbic Unveils the World's First 5G eBike Featuring AI Object Detection

Orbic Unveils the World’s First 5G eBike Featuring AI Object Detection

Orbic has unveiled the world’s first 5 G-enabled eBike equipped with AI object avoidance and collision detection technology. Orbic’s new technology actively monitors the rear surroundings of the eBike and alerts riders to potential hazards, such as oncoming vehicles.  

“Introducing Orbic’s 5G e-Bike at this year’s MWC Barcelona is part of our innovation pipeline that implements advanced technology to expand connectivity and enhance user experiences,” said Mike Narula, President and CEO of Orbic. “By integrating 5G connectivity and AI technology, we aim to redefine the riding experience, making it safer, more connected, and environmentally responsible whether on city streets, in suburban neighborhoods, or the challenging terrain of mountain trails. The 5G e-Bike represents a significant leap forward in electronic mobility, and we are excited about bringing this new technology to cities across the globe.”

The 5G eBike is capable of reaching up to 45km/h, which incorporates an advanced AI avoidance detection system that leverages a sensor with a 140-degree field of view strategically placed on the rear of the bike, providing continuous surveillance of the rider’s environment by delivering instant audible and visual alerts to enhance awareness and safety. Moreover, the eBike is equipped with a front-facing 64MP camera that’s designed to capture and live stream every ride courtesy of an 8MP front-mounted camera, along with a 2MP rear camera for enhanced rider safety, as well as collision avoidance and object detection capabilities. Moreover, the eBike’s 7-inch bright all-weather touchscreen display conveniently showcases the rider’s battery status, speed, distance, maps, tracking, and various other functionalities so users can safely remain focused on the path ahead. The Orbic 5G e-Bike also acts as a hotspot to extend connectivity anywhere.

Additionally, at the heart of the 5G eBike is high-speed 5G connectivity, ensuring less lag time between user actions and optimizing the speed of communications for a seamless and responsive user experience. For instance, users can livestream their rides, share route experiences and leave breadcrumbs so both they and fellow riders can revisit specific locations at their convenience. In addition, bike-to-bike communication creates a fully immersive experience and communication between riders for increased safety and camaraderie. Riders can also easily access real-time maps, and tracking functionality, enabling riders to navigate their surroundings with precision. 

As a 5G eBike, Orbic’s innovative technology operates without utilizing fossil fuels or generating carbon emissions, providing eco-friendly transportation in line with Orbic’s commitment to developing sustainable technology.

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