- - "Otto Racconti in Bicicletta": The Whole History of the Bike

“Otto Racconti in Bicicletta”: The Whole History of the Bike

In the past, we’ve featured the glorious artwork of Italian artist Riccardo Guasco, comparing his style to that of Modigliani, along with its own unique form of Primitivism

Guasco’s latest undertaking involves illustrating Giovanni Casalegno’s book, Otto Racconti in Bicicletta, which loosely translates into The Whole History of the Bike

Casalegno’s book features folkloric tales about the cultural role the bike had during the turn of the 20th century, while Guasco’s art is beautifully woven into each passage.  

Unfortunately, the book is only available in Italian, but as the saying goes, a picture (in this case artwork) paints a thousand words. 



Riccardo Guasco

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