- - Peter Sagan's World Champion Jersey Revealed

Peter Sagan’s World Champion Jersey Revealed

photo credits @ Sportful

Sportful teased the cycling media this morning, with some quick glimpses of Peter Sagan’s new World Champion jersey that’s in the making.

The Italian cycling brand posted these images on their Instagram page, as the jersey nears its final design.  

“The jersey has a very classic look even if it’s a very technical Bodyfit Pro Team jersey,” said Sportful Brand Communication Manager Daniel Loots.

“The UCI rules on the design are pretty strict; the rainbow bands and dimensions of the sponsor logo are limited in size and position and they have to be black. There’s no fluorescent anywhere and that means we have a very classic design.”

“Under UCI rules we can only have team issue shorts or white shorts. We haven’t decided which Peter will wear yet but the rules mean he can’t use black shorts.”

Sagan is due to debut his “Worlds” jersey at the Abu Dhabi Tour on October 8.



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