- - Pinarello Let's Customers Get Their Ya-Ya's Out with MyWay Custom Paint Program

Pinarello Let’s Customers Get Their Ya-Ya’s Out with MyWay Custom Paint Program

Pinarello is letting customers to get their Ya-Ya’s Out with its MyWay custom paint program, giving them access to unlimited paint options for their new Dogma F frameset.

Indeed, the MyWay program allows customers to bring the Dogma F frameset of their dreams to life thanks to an online, 3D visualization platform, which features three customizable paint schemes that can be mixed and matched with a dizzying array of paint colors.

“Our MyWay is the most realistic experience currently available in the cycling industry”, boasts the iconic Italian brand.

Each MyWay custom frameset is painted by hand in Pinarello’s Villorba, Italy workshop by the brand’s veteran painters.

However, the number of slots allocated for the MyWay program is limited. Just how many slots are available, or what the cost of the MyWay program is, Pinarello has yet to disclose.

So, it’s recommended that customers who are interested contact their respective dealer.


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