- - Pirelli Offers New SmarTUBE EVO and SmarTUBE X Inner Tubes

Pirelli Offers New SmarTUBE EVO and SmarTUBE X Inner Tubes

Pirelli has added two new models to its range of premium inner tubes called the SmarTUBE EVO and SmarTUBE X, which are designed to work with the Italian brand’s range of P ZERO, CINTURATO and ANGEL of clincher tires. 

“The SmarTUBE inner tubes family is made of TPU that is a thermoplastic polyurethane characterised by high elasticity and mechanical resistance, and extreme lightness. The new SmarTUBE EVO features a new TPU formula and offers a performance made of flexibility, smoothness, and comfort that can compete with latex inner tubes, while also guaranteeing up to 50% less weight compared to the latter. The new SmarTUBE EVO also allows an extra 5% less rolling resistance compared to the already fast Pirelli SmarTUBE on the market,” says Pirelli.

This evolution of the famous SmarTUBE models has responded to the feedback of the World Tour teams that work with Pirelli, to boost the performance centred on the P ZERO tires’ lightness and speed, and extends these benefits to all those who love the convenience of the “clincher + inner tube” system. 

In keeping with tradition, the SmarTUBE EVO is offered in bright yellow, with sizes spanning 25- 622 to 28-622, as well as three different valve sizes encompassing 42mm, 60mm and 80mm.

On the other hand, SmarTUBE X, is the newest TPU inner tube that’s dedicated to Pirelli’s CINTURATO and ANGEL tires, which features a construction that’s three times thicker than the current CINTURATO SmarTUBE, offering enhanced puncture resistance aimed at urban settings or for fast commuting. 

SmarTUBE X comes in two separate lines, the CINTURATO SmarTUBE X for tires ranging from 28-622 to 40- 622 and from 40-622 to 50-622, along with options in both Presta and Schrader valves, while the ANGEL SmarTUBE X is designed for tires from 28-622 to 42-622 and from 42-622 to 62-622, with Presta or Schrader valve options as well. 

Additionally, the new SmarTUBE EVO and SmarTUBE X are extremely compact, resulting in 50% less space compared to the traditional butyl inner tubes.

The first sizes are currently available, with the rest of the range is expected to be launched by the end of September 2023. 

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