- - POC Sports Introduces New Solar Powered "Aspire Solar Switch" LCD Sunglasses

POC Sports Introduces New Solar Powered “Aspire Solar Switch” LCD Sunglasses

POC Sports has introduced a new model of sunglasses called the Aspire Solar Switch, which the Swedish brand is calling the world’s first electrochromic LCD lens that can change tint autocratically based on the amount of sun.

According to POC Sports, the Aspire Solar Switch’s lens automatically adjusts to a darker tint in sunnier conditions, and instantly become lighter in shadow or cloud conditions, improving vision, safety and performance in changing weather, light conditions and environments.

“The Aspire Solar Switch is capable of changing tints between levels 3-4, instantaneously and automatically ensuring a rider never needs to think about what or how they see. Uniquely it has been developed to be powered only by the sun’s solar power, needing no battery or charging so it will always be there, sustainable and reliable,” says POC Sports.

The Aspire Solar Switch will make its debut during next month’s Eurobike Show, with pricing and availability to be announced then.



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