- - Polar's New AccessLink API Gives Developers Open Access

Polar’s New AccessLink API Gives Developers Open Access

Polar has announced that it will open up its API (or application programming interface) to developers for the first time, allowing them open access to create new platforms via the company’s Open AccessLink. 

Indeed, this step will now allow anybody with a Polar Flow account to access the training and daily activity data recorded by its stable of smartwatches and fitness trackers, leaving the door open to the likes of health insurance companies, gym chains, wellness services and those providing fitness platforms to get involved.

In addition. regular users now have the option to give permission for their basic data, such as weight and height, to be accessed, though AccessLink will also hand over insights into training sessions and daily activity.

Some established heath and fitness platforms such as Vitality, TechnoGym, HeaiHeai and Validic have all already officially announced they are working with Polar.

However, anyone with a Polar Flow account can download the Polar Open AccessLink and get started.

Quick and easy registration:

  • Create your client quickly and easily with the admin wizard and start developing.

User data:

  • Basic information about the user, such as height and weight.

A rich data set on training sessions and daily activity:

  • Owned and controlled by Polar, Open AccessLink offers developers more specific data originating from Polar products.

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