- - Princeton CarbonWorks Debuts New Wake 6560 Evolution Wheelset

Princeton CarbonWorks Debuts New Wake 6560 Evolution Wheelset

Princeton CarbonWorks is debuting the latest version of its Wake 6560 series wheelset dubbed the Evolution, touting it as their lightest, fastest and stiffest set of hoops ever.

“The Princeton CarbonWorks Wake 6560 was conceived in 2012, with initial riding models completed in 2015. Since then, there have been 4 iterations of our flagship wheel, each offering improvements in aerodynamic performance and efficiency, weight, stiffness, responsiveness, and quality.A unique and balanced combination of attributes has made the Wake 6560 the go-to wheel for those looking for peak performance: aerodynamically faster than deeper wheels, lighter and better-handling than shallower wheels, all while stiff, responsive, and lively under power. And now, in its fifth generation, the legend evolves. The Wake 6560 Evolution ushers in a revolutionary new shape, the second wheelset in our Evolution series behind the Alta 3532. Extensive testing and development has resulted in a wheelset that is even more efficient than its predecessor, the Wake 6560 Strada. More impressively, the new Wake 6560 Evolution has been the largest step change in performance from one version to the next, amongst all iterations of the Wake series,” boasts the American brand. 

New to the Wake 6560 Evolution, is Princeton CarbonWorks’ proprietary “Radially Staggered Lacing” technology, whereby alternating spoke sides give engineers the ability to optimize spoke tensioning and sizing that closely aligns with the alternating pattern of the rim itself, resulting in a stronger more uniform design that also sheds 10 grams per wheel over its predecessor.

“Instantly recognizable versus previous versions, the shape of the Wake 6560 has substantially changed. Our new Evolution profile matches alternating deep and shallow rim sections with alternating spoke sides. Mechanically, this allows the steeper, high tension spokes (drive side rear spokes and disc side front spokes) to connect to a deeper rim section, thereby flattening those spoke angles. The change in bracing angle helps balance spoke tensions, creating a stiffer, more uniform wheel,” explains Princeton CarbonWorks.

Additionally, the new wheelset sees an increase in rim width to 21mm internally and 28.2mm externally, producing both greater aerodynamic efficiency, as well as stability in crosswinds. Curiously, the Evolution is optimized for 25mm tires, breaking trend with 28mm to 30mm, which seems to be the norm these days.

Elsewhere, the Evolution sticks with a hooked, hole-less, tubeless-ready design, which will be available in both rim and disc brake versions. 

Starting price for the Wake 6560 Evolution is $3,150,.00, with a number of different hub and paint options that can bring the cost up to $4,500.00.



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