- - Pushing Through the Winter "Funk"

Pushing Through the Winter “Funk”

Pushing Through the Winter “Funk” or Training Plateaus with Goals

article by Todd Parker 

A Winter “Funk” or Training Plateaus can become a challenging period for the seasoned athlete/exerciser to New Year’s Resolutioner alike. One of the primary means to successfully push through this period (or any other challenging one) is through realistic successful goal-setting.

Often times clients and athletes lose sight and either forget or fail to realize the importance of each and every training day having a goal or set of goals – even if that day’s primary goal is active or passive recovery. By breaking down the phases, months, and weeks into daily goals, this often helps people mentally push through the plateaus and come out maintaining their consistency and become all the stronger for it.

If someone’s struggling, ask them what their goal for the day’s workout is, and if they look at you with a puzzled look, enlighten them, and show them the way to “the promised land”! 

Todd Parker is a former Professional Triathlete, Elite Cyclist, Professor, and Personal Trainer & Strength Coach with a Masters in Exercise Physiology & Human Performance. Todd is also an exercise physiologist, certified cycling coach, and endurance sports coach. You can reach Todd at: , by appointment only, or at his secure website


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