- - QU_ET Lifts the Curtains on New Unfair Advantage eBike

QU_ET Lifts the Curtains on New Unfair Advantage eBike

QU_ET has lifted the curtains on its newest eBike dubbed the Unfair Advantage, which will launch via Indiegogo on March 26, 2024.

The Unfair Advantage presents a sleek and elegant design without compromising performance, weighing in at an impressive 30 pounds (14kg), making it 40% lighter than most eBikes on the market thanks to a lightweight Hyena motor, an integrated battery and a smart torque sensor, providing a natural and smooth delivery of power.

However, riders can still enjoy the benefits of exercise by adjusting the level of assistance, allowing them to cover the extra miles while also getting a workout. 

“Promoting cycling as a daily mode of commuting can significantly improve personal people’s well-being and the environment. With the release of our first e-bike, we are committed to promoting sustainable transportation and inspiring more people to adopt cycling as a way of life, said Artjoms Kolesans, the founder of QU_ET.” 

The Unfair Advantage features a single-speed drivetrain with three levels of pedal assistance, sufficient for most city commutes, while integrated lights ensure safety with just a simple one button on/off function.

When it comes to range, the 250Wh 7Ah battery that’s nicely concealed within the frame offers up to 37 miles (60km) on a single charge. But that’s not all, the Unfair Advantage features a Gates Carbon Belt drive set-up, Magura hydraulic disc brakes and a comfortable saddle and grips, as well as a bottle-like range extender battery that can increase one’s ride up to 66 miles (100km). 

You can learn more about the Unfair Advantage by visiting the Latvian brand’s website here

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