- - Quickguard is a Full Length Easily Adjustable Quick-Release Mudguard

Quickguard is a Full Length Easily Adjustable Quick-Release Mudguard

The designer of Quickguard not only knows the importance of keeping one’s bike clean and dry, but how wet conditions can reap havoc on your lower extremities and hinder your performance as well.

First the Bike

Quickguard is the first full length, fully adjustable mudguard that easily attaches to any bike’s quick release, without touching the frame.

According to Quickguard’s inventor, Chris Howard, the mudguard is specially designed to mount from only one side of the bike using sturdy, but lightweight aluminum stays. Therefore, the only part touching the bike’s frame, is the section of dropout where the skewer fastener is replaced, so there are no brackets, rubber rings or pads to scratch paintwork or carbon, or rattle around as you ride. Also, since the Quickguard is designed to fit both front and rear, you only need to buy one. 

Once fitted it requires no tools to attach or remove it.


Now the Body

The diagram above shows the projection of water (dotted blue lines) off the rear and front wheels. Tests have shown that cycling apparel can absorb up to a quart of water, which in most cases is cold. This in turn results in soaked apparel, which can quickly lead to discomfort and a reduced core temperature that can greatly impact a cyclist’s performance – especially during long rides.

Howard says, “letting these muscles get wet can dramatically reduce your training comfort, duration and intensity. Just over half of the pedalling down stroke power phase (as seen in red above) is generated from the glutes, so it only makes sense to keep those muscles dry and warm to train effectively. The same can be said for your feet. If your feet get cold they will soon become dumb reducing your ability to put the power down. The Quickguard has been designed to fit both the rear and front wheels, and the low-ride design when used on the front wheel is what keeps your feet warm and dry. The Quickguard is the most direct and effective way to eliminate cold road spray keeping your glutes and feet warm and dry, enabling you to train to the highest level in the rain and on wet roads.”

Howard has recently undertaken a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, offering special incentives for early backers.

You can learn more about Quickguard by visiting here.


  • Fits 700c wheels
  • Measures 43mm wide
  • Weigh 219g 
  • Made from plastic (mudguard) and aluminum (brace) materials 

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