- - REILLY Cycle Works Leaves Heads Sitting on London Bridge

REILLY Cycle Works Leaves Heads Sitting on London Bridge

While the Brit’s continue to hold the distinction as the world’s worst cooks, new and exciting bikes are always emerging from the little continent across the pond.

However, we’re not talking about just some slick looking bikes that wear the same veneer as everything else that’s being outsourced to the Far East these days – we’re talking about hand-made, bespoke one’s that even entail the magical cloth we call carbon fiber.

REILLY Cycle Works is helmed by three founders, Damon Fisher, Neil FitzGerald and the framebuilder and namesake of the brand itself, Mark Reilly.

Reilly has an extensive background in framebuilding, and along the way has earned himself the reputation of being one of the UK’s top framebuilders. FitzGerald is a well-known carbon fiber specialist, who draws upon years of experience working in the Formula One industry. Fisher is the graphic artist and designer, who takes all of the design language communicated to him by his two colleagues, mixes it around on his palette and breathes artistic life into each REILLY creation.

REILLY Cycle Works first started out as Nerve Bicycles, but because of the sense of guild each bike instilled in its proud new owner, customers began requesting to have Reilly’s name adorn their one-of-a-kind treasure.

REILLY Cycle Works offers custom frames across a range of materials, including carbon, steel, stainless steel and titanium.

For us carbon geeks however, REILLY’s 600SL frameset leaves us lusting for one. Not just for its gravity defying 640g frame, precise tube-to-tube construction, BB86 bottom bracket and internal cable routing, but for its simple, round-tube construction that we’ve come to believe confers optimal comfort and responsiveness.

As for the mass-manufactured competition, you can find their heads sitting on London Bridge.




REILLY Cycle Works 

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