- - Santini Shows Its Commitment to the Environment with Recycled Materials

Santini Shows Its Commitment to the Environment with Recycled Materials

Cyclists have always been considered stewards of environmental conservation and sustainability by virtue of their relationship with the outdoors.

As such, cycling apparel brands like Santini have become increasingly focussed on meeting these goals as well, showing its commitment to the environment by using recycled fabrics and compostable packaging for its apparel since last year. 

Indeed, Santini has been fast at work implementing a program that steadily reduces the storied Italian company’s carbon-footprint, beginning with the use of fabrics made from recycled and recovered materials for the Trek Segafredo team last season.  

As result of its success, Santini has extended its use of eco-friendly fabrics to two jerseys this year, the Eco Sleek Dinamo and the Eco Raggio, as well as the official jersey for the Granfondo Stelvio Santini, all of which are made with Polartec fabrics made from recycled PET bottles.  Moreover, fabrics made from recycled yarn will be also used in the making of this year’s World Champion Rainbow Jersey.

Additionally, Santini has also switched to using only compostable packaging for its entire range of apparelwith the aim of replacing all plastic bags with green solutions.

While the new packaging looks exactly like regular plastic, it’s fully compostable and biodegradable thanks to a mix of special polymers, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional wrapping materials that allows it to disintegrate within six months and become completely biodegradable within a year.

Given that Santini produces over 1.2 million garments per year, this prevents a tremendous amount of plastic from ending up in the environment. 

You can learn more about Santini’s new apparel and pledge to the environment by visiting the brand’s website here.  

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