- - Sarto Launches New Gravel TA Road Bike

Sarto Launches New Gravel TA Road Bike

For those unfamiliar with the Sarto brand, it’s no terzista. Rather, the Sarto name is considered by cycling’s cognoscenti, as the “house” from which all Italian bike marques, at one time or another, emanated from.

Indeed, for more than a century, the list of prestigious brands that were manufactured under the roof of Sarto’s factory, would read like a who’s who of all things Italian bicycles.

Today, Sarto continues producing more than 2500 private label frames in its factory in Venice, for many of Italy’s most elite brands.   

However, it wasn’t until the last couple of years or so, that Sarto started producing handmade, bespoke bikes under its own name.

During this period, Sarto has come to offer a full range of both road and mountain bikes. And, as of recent, they’ve answered the call to the ever-growing “gravel” segment, with their new TA Gravel model.

In addition to encompassing all of Sarto’s handmade, carbon fabrication brilliance, the TA Gravel features the latest in disc brake and thru-axle technology. But, perhaps its greatest appeal, might be the leather embellishments on the top tube and chainstays, that not only offer protection, but smack of old-world Italian bike heritage. 

Bravo Sarto!


GRAVEL TA – Custom carbon Road Bicycle

With this bike, Sarto reaches out to those who love to commute or explore in Style. The Gravel TA, also suitable for Cyclo Cross upon request, incorporates all that Sarto is about: Unique style with the possibility of adding personalised leather touches to to the top tube, stem, handle bar, seat post and chain Guard. Superb braking: Flat mount disc brakes for the best and most advanced braking system. Comfort : the Gravel TA can accomodate up to 42mm tyres allowing you to cruise down the most insidious gravel and dirt roads.
Technology: the Gravel TA features 142 x 12 through axles to ensure a very stiff rear and flawless rides.
Shapes: flat seat stays to ensure further comfort even on the roughest of roads. Flat top tube for ease of carrying your bike (when cycle crossing) and for smooth rides.

-Weight: 1050 gr raw
-Stiffness value: 115 N/mm
-Outer lamination: 3K
-Inner lamination: M40J
-Head tube: 1” 1/8 – 1” ½
-PRESS FIT 86,5 bottom bracket .
-Internal brake and gear cables guide .
-Asymmetric tube sections .

-Custom made
-Integrated seat tube
-BSA-BB30-PRESS FIT 386 bottom bracket
-Optimization for gear Di2 – EPS or Universal system



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