- - Scope Defies Gravity with New Range of Artech Wheels

Scope Defies Gravity with New Range of Artech Wheels

Scope is defying gravity with the launch of its newest range of tubeless-ready, disc brake-specific Artech wheelsets, complete with 3D-printed hubs and an Aeroscale pattern on the surface of the rims to enhance their aerodynamic signature, touting them as the “lightweight and most aerodynamic wheels that are inspired by nature”.

Spanning road, gravel and triathlon, the Artech range comprises three models, with the 28mm Artech 2.A tipping the scales as little as 965 grams, making it one of the very lightest production disc brake wheelsets in the world, while the 45mm Artech 4.A weighs in at an equally impressive 1120 grams, followed by the Artech 6.A that comes in at a still svelte 1244 grams.

Additionally, the range features a hooked rim bed with a 25mm internal width for the 2.A, boasting enough space to accommodate tires up to a beefy 30mm, while the 4.A and 6.A have a 23mm internal width that’s optimized for 28mm tires. 

Elsewhere, the Artech range features 3D-printed hubs that are made with Scalmalloy, an alloy material that Scope says is used in the aerospace and Formula One industries, while the Carbonlite spokes are manufactured from UD carbon material and are laced in a 2:1 spoke pattern for optimal uniform tension. Moreover, the spokes are not bonded, but secured mechanically, making the wheels easier to service. Also, the hubs are fitted with titanium Diamond SL ratchets that are treated to a “diamond-like carbon coating”.

Scope provides a lot of “white paper” on its Aeroscale technology, which details the use of algorithm-enhanced aerodynamics (AEA). According to Scope, AEA was first developed in 2017 with the University of Technology Delft and was 2D-based. But, the Dutch brand says it has since created a 3D-based algorithm to further optimize the technology.

The Artech range sells for $3,700.00 across all versions, which are compatible with Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM groupsets.




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