- - Scott Shows Off New Cadence Plus Helmet

Scott Shows Off New Cadence Plus Helmet

With everything being about marginal aerodynamic gains these days, Scott is showing off its latest Cadence Plus aero helmet, claiming the new lid can reduce overall drag by 5.2% thanks to scaled down vents, as well as a whopping 22% in 15-degree crosswinds compared to its predecessor.

Scott says, it also paid attention to internal airflow when redesigning the vents, resulting in a 10% increase in ventilation, while also allowing engineers to adapt the use of MIPS Air Node, a minimalistic version of MIPS’ low-friction linings that’s designed to reduce forces on the head upon impact. In addition, the tail of the helmet has also been revamped, which now incorporates a much more open rear section.

All things considered, Scott claims the Cadence Plus can earn riders a savings of 10 seconds over 40km, or as much as 2 watts and 16 seconds over 40km at 40km/h.

“When designing the Cadence Plus Helmet, the goal was to create the perfect optimization of size, speed and versatility. We wanted to ensure these factors were considered in a more modern design, which also led to the implementation of a magnetic buckle, allowing for easy and secure fastening. In order to have a more modern and sleek design of the helmet, the development process involved a collaborative effort between designers, engineers and the product manager. They all worked together meticulously to create the new Cadence Plus, which is a modern and sleek helmet, allowing you to create more speed and grasp those marginal gains,” says Scott. 

Elsewhere, the Cadence Plus is treated to a magnetic clasp for the strap and a rear clip on light to bolster visibility.

Regarding weight, Scott says it was able to shed a few grams as well, mainly due to the new MIPS Air Node lining.

“What makes it tricky when developing a helmet like this is bringing the best balance between aerodynamics, safety and the technologies that are available to you. Here with this new Cadence Plus, we were really able to find the sweet spot,” said Scott’s chief engineer, Louis Bradier.

“We really focused on how to actually merge the outside and inside shell, so that no matter if you change slightly the position of your head, or if you’re riding in more cross-wind situations, the helmet will just perform even better,” adds designer Christian Holweck.

The Cadence plus sells for $229.00, which is available in sizes Small, Medium and Large, in white, granite black and blue colorways.




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