- - SFuels Launches ZONE Based Nutrition with Extended Substrate Technology

SFuels Launches ZONE Based Nutrition with Extended Substrate Technology

Developed in conjunction with physiologists, super coaches and nutritionists to support world-class athletic performance, maximal training adaptions, gut resilience and wellness, SFuels has reimagined sports nutrition, launching the industry’s first ZONE-based fueling system utilizing its unique non-carbohydrate Extended Substratetechnology.

The new product portfolio includes ZONE 2 Aerobic Training Fuel, ZONE 4 Threshold and High-Intensity Training Fuel and a Zone 5 Gel. These products are supported by already released PRIMED, REVIVAL, LIFE BARS and GRAIN-FREE BREAKFAST CEREAL.

SFuels Nutrition Director, Dr Mikki Williden says “ZONE 2 Aerobic Training Fuel is a must-have product for all athletes in helping to accentuate aerobic base development and adaptations. We are very excited to see our new patent-pending technology, Extended Substrate come to market in our 2nd generation Zone 2, 4 and 5 SFuels products. Third-party research highlights that the nutrients within SFuels Extended Substrate also support gut resilience and gut membrane integrity. Unlike daily high-sugar sports nutrition, which has been shown to blunt aerobic adaptations in training and impact gut-membrane integrity, we want to help build aerobic capacity and gut resilience in training.”

SFuels Technical Performance Director, researcher and super-coach Dr. Dan Plews said, “It’s imperative that athletes gain greater autonomy in selecting their fuel options for training and competition. Historically, the dichotomy for athletes has centered around opting for either low or high carbohydrate concentrations. However, a paradigm shift is underway with the introduction of Zone 2, 4, and 5 SFuels products, heralding a new era of diversified fuel choices. The formulation of SFuels ZONE 4 delivers multiple fueling substrates to support extending aerobic efficiency at higher intensities, while also training carbohydrate oxidation at threshold intensities.” He also notes “the majority of endurance athletes will spend most of their race-day Zone 3 and 4 intensity. So, using and testing SFuels ZONE 4 in training gives athletes extra confidence for race-day execution.”

Founder Leighton Phillips is very excited for SFuels to launch its first ready-to-race Gel product using several unique manufacturing technologies that allow SFuels to combine 5 fueling substrates in a lite gel format with exceptional shelf stability. He says “This has been an incredibly challenging project to deliver a combination of our Extended Substrate™ and mixed carbohydrates in a lite gel format that delivers 300 calories in a one-twist opening and resealable pouch”. SFuels formulated the Gel with SFuels Extended Substrate, Maltodextrin and Fructose to support a spectrum of race-day intensities, while also delivering on rapid mouth-transit, and accelerated gut-transport design principles. “You just won’t see these next-generation Gel features in a carb-only, or carb-salt-based Gel on the market today”, Phillips said.

General Manager Nicole Phillips is delighted with the partnerships that have resulted in a truly innovative training and racing product portfolio that is suitable for vegans and is gluten and sugar-alcohol-free. She says that when combined with the extended SFuels product portfolio “we have been able to provide a nutrition system that supports the RIGHT FUEL RIGHT TIME approach and we know this will allow athletes to live, train and race at their best while supporting their health and wellness”.

SFuels Chairman Greg Nieuwenhuys, also Chairman of Mammut Sports Group AG, mentioned, “SFuels 2nd generation products bring several industry firsts to the market. The innovation in the new ZONE-based product portfolio will deliver maximal training adaptation for performance, solutions to real-world issues like gut resilience and support for better health and wellbeing.“

About SFuels

SFuels was founded in 2018 by Leighton and Nicole Phillips and is committed to providing clean nutrition products that provide the RIGHT FUEL at the RIGHT TIME for optimum endurance, longer-lasting performance and health. The company emphasizes providing wholesome ingredients for performance in the moment and for long-term health and wellness. The SFuels product line has been meticulously formulated for use during low and high-intensity training-racing. All SFuels products are gluten-free, without artificial flavors, colors, or sugar alcohols.

For more information please visit: or contact Nicole Phillips CEO and General Manager at 919 670 8451 |np@sfuelsgolonger.comTING FOR ATHLETES


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