- - Shimano Debuts New CUES Di2 Drivetrains for eBikes

Shimano Debuts New CUES Di2 Drivetrains for eBikes

Shimano is debuting its latest CUES Di2 drivetrains that are aimed squarely at the urban eBike segment, integrating the Japanese component giant’s Glide ebike-specific components with its EP600 and EP801 motors, as well as a new anti-lock braking system (ABS).

The new CUES Di2 is available with two rear-derailleur options, the 11-speed RD-U6070 that’s only available in a single, medium cage that can accommodate a maximum 50t chainring, and the RD-U6050, which is a 10-speed variant that’s also only available in a medium-cage option that can work with a maximum chainring of 43t.

Additionally, the two LinkGlide cassettes that are available are 11-50t and 11-43t, respectively, while both are designed to work with either the HG Spline M (10/9/8-speed, MTB 11-speed) or HG Spline L (road 11/12-speed) HyperGlide freehub bodies.

Additionally, the CUES Di2 groupsets include Shimano’s new Free Shift and Auto Shift with Manual Override features, enabling riders to make gear changes without pedaling the bike.

For instance, when the rider shifts, the CUES Di2 system prompts either the EP600 or EP801 drive unit to simultaneously advance the drivetrain at the chainring for pedal-less shifts. Moreover, Shimano claims the system has the ability to make predictive gear changes based on the rider’s speed and cadence.

As mentioned, the new CUES Di2 drivetrains also incorporate ABS braking, a system that utilizes technology from the Italian company Blubrake, wherein a built-in motion sensor in the electronic control unit enables Shimano’s ABS to deliver controlled braking force and more consistent stopping power.

Shimano says the CUES Di2 and EP600/EP801 drive units will be available on complete bikes starting in late spring/summer of 2023.

As for pricing, Shimano says “these components will only be available as part of complete bike builds and therefore we do not plan to provide pricing for individual parts or groupsets at this time.” 


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