- - Specialized Unveils New 3D-Printed Romin EVO Saddle with Mirror Technology

Specialized Unveils New 3D-Printed Romin EVO Saddle with Mirror Technology

Fancy frames, wind-cheating wheelsets and costly components notwithstanding, without question there’s no single piece of equipment more crucial to comfort and performance than the saddle.

Even major bike brands like Specialized have realized this, as evidence of the company’s continued investment in saddle research and technology over the years, culminating into its latest 3D-printed model called the Romin EVO with Mirror technology.

According to Specialized, the upper section of the saddle is made from liquid polymer, resulting in a “matrix” of open lattices that consists of tens-of-thousands of individual struts and nodes, allowing them to control both the shape and profile of the EVO Romin with Mirror, as well as its compliance, while the saddle relies on the company’s FACT carbon shell and rails for its base. 

“The construction allows more freedom than traditional foam to offer sit bone support and soft tissue relief, which in this case includes an ergonomic cut-out in the center of the saddle,” explains Specialized.

At 26cm, the Romin EVO with Mirror is 2cm longer than the current Power with Mirror saddle, which Specialized says “allows for a more aggressive position and lets riders shift their weight back for climbing.”

Using a test group of five female and five male riders, Specialized says the EVO Romin with Mirror decreases pressure across the three main road bike riding positions when compared to an unspecified, traditional foam saddle. For example, riding on the “tops” saw a claimed 18.5% reduction in pressure, while on the “hoods” saw a 17.51% reduction and in drops a 25.95% reduction.

The Romin EVO with Mirror is available in either 143mm or 155mm widths and sells for a hefty $450, with the 143mm version tipping the scales at a claimed 190g.

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