- - Sportful Targets the "Gravel Grinder" with Giara Range of Cycling Apparel

Sportful Targets the “Gravel Grinder” with Giara Range of Cycling Apparel

While virtually every bike brand, to include the independent, artisan frame builder, has been quick to jump on the burgeoning “gravel grinder/adventure cycling” segment, hardly anyone on the apparel side of the cycling industry has been keen to develop a range of clothing specifically designed to meet the demands of the emerging trend.

However, Sportful has launched a new range of apparel called Giara, which underscores the need for alternative materials and “fit” that are better suited for the task.

Indeed, instead of the traditional tight-fitting, all-out performance approach that defines most “road” apparel, the Giara range gives way to a more relaxed fit, providing the rider with materials that are more comfortable and feel better against the body –  even under the harshest of riding conditions.


The Giara range consists of men’s and women’s specific jerseys, bibshorts, a special over-short, jacket, socks, gloves and cap.

Beards sold separately.  😉 






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