- - Tacx Introduces "Road Feel" to Its NEO Trainer

Tacx Introduces “Road Feel” to Its NEO Trainer


Since its launch earlier this year, Tacx’s new Road Feel technology has been widely discussed and featured by virtually every cycling publication.

But, recently the Swiss brand put out a new product video which gives an even greater overview on how Road Feel works in conjunction with its NEO trainer.

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Tacx has developed a new feature, exclusively for the Tacx NEO, enabling you to experience different road surfaces. Imagine feeling the sensation of cobblestones, crossing a wooden bridge, riding across concrete road-plates or a muddy mountain bike trail whilst training indoor. The unique design of the NEO, with its permanent motor and smart electronics, allows us to control the exact position of all rotating parts a 1000 times per second. By doing so, the NEO simulates the vibrations of different kinds of roads, from heavy cobblestones to muddy mountain bike trails and everything in between! Being the only ‘real’ direct drive trainer, the Tacx NEO differentiates itself from all other trainers by bringing this experience to your home.


Feel it yourself by either using the Tacx Films through the Tacx Cycling app or the Tacx Trainer Software 4, Advanced (Windows PC), or within the virtual worlds of Zwift. Soon, the virtual worlds in our TTS 4 will also support this new feature. Update your NEO for a free firmware update with the Tacx Utility app and select the ‘road feel demo’ in the Tacx Cycling app (free of charge in the App store and on Google Play).

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